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Arctic Spas ® are engineered for the world’s harshest climates, and are among the finest hot tubs available. Arctic Spas are designed to perform in the most severe elements, and that translates into your guarantee of reliability, economy and peace of mind, no matter where you live. No climate is too extreme for an Arctic Spas hot tub.

Arctic Spas brand hot tubs are the best selling hot tub brand in Canada. Why? – They are designed for cold weather, which means they are more energy efficient, longer lasting, and easier to maintain than other brands. They are built to function and endure in extreme cold, and the wide temperature fluctuations of the Canadian climate.

The relatively mild climate of BC is like a pleasant vacation for an Arctic Spa, which means even longer life, better energy efficiency, and less maintenance. If you want the best quality, most energy efficient hot tub or swim spa then the Arctic Spas brand is for you.

The Arctic brand is also known for the advanced technology and features available. Your Arctic spa can be connected to the internet to enable remote monitoring and control. Troubleshooting and often repair can be done direct from the manufacturers service department via the internet connection. The water care systems are also advanced, with automated ozone, salt, and filtration systems that virtually eliminate typical hot tub maintenance.

To learn more about hot tubs and our related products we have provided a handy reference guide in our Spa Schools section.

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The Kamloops store is located on Battle Street, across from the ICBC claim centre. The address is:

101 – 1210 Battle St
British Columbia
V2C 2N6
Phone: 250-828-9920

Swim Spas

Swim spas by Arctic Spas are engineered to the same extreme standards that made Arctic Spas hot tubs renowned worldwide for quality and extreme energy efficiency. Arctic Spas swim spas deliver the benefits of a swimming pool, hot tub, and exercise pool all in one extremely high quality, compact and portable unit – for a small fraction of the cost of full size swimming pools.

They are designed for extreme cold climates which means the insulation design has to be efficient in freezing sub zero temperatures. So, if you live in a cold place, it is the only logical choice. Even if you don’t live in a cold place, it still makes perfect sense because lower running costs make sense no matter where you live. Learn more about our swim spas here.

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Arctic Spas Kamloops
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